You don’t have to go this far to avoid Low Emission Zone charges

Heard about the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) charges? They could be costly for companies running older vehicles. You may have to pay a daily charge to drive in the zone if your vehicle does not meet required emission standards.
But the good news is there’s a very simple way to avoid them…

Daily charge cost vs New vehicle cost

Our range of Euro 6 vehicles meet the new strict emissions standards, and can be used in Low Emission Zone areas for no additional charges.

In most cases, a new truck is actually more cost effective than paying the daily charges. Take a look at the finance examples below to see how much a new Isuzu Euro 6 truck could save you.

up to £100 per day*

*applies to vehicles operating within the London ultra low emission zone from April 2019

**Promotion valid until 31st December 2021. Business users only, click here for full terms and conditions.

Euro 6 Vehicles

If you're already being forced to pay a daily charge and need a new Euro 6 truck urgently, our driveaway range includes a number of our most popular vehicles, all readily available with short lead times.

Charging for Low Emission Zones is happening now

New Low Emission Zone charges are already in place in London, and in the pipeline for major towns and cities nationwide. They’re a great idea for cutting dangerous levels of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Pollution and roadside nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Only trouble is, they’re non too healthy for your bottom line. Look right, and you’ll see what you can expect to pay.

Up to £100 a day*

London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) is now in operation. For non-compliant vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, the charge will be up to £100 a day.

*applies to vehicles operating within the London ultra low emission zone from April 2019

The London charge runs midnight to midnight

The clock restarts ad midnight, so if you drive into the zone at 11pm and leave at 3am the next morning, your non-compliant vehicle will be charged twice.

Where is this happening?

Low emission zones are coming to cities across the UK. Some zones have already been confirmed and others are still under consideration. Use the map to check whether you’ll be affected. The map shown is used for illustration purposes.

  • Zone Confirmed or proposed
  • Zone in consideration

How do I know if my vehicle is compliant?

If your vehicle was registered before 2016 it may not be compliant, and you will have to pay the charge or face a fine if you drive into a LEZ without paying.

Check your vehicle reg at TFL

Registered pre 2016

Non compliant

Registered post 2016


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